Pre-9th Mission Idea Contest

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is there any support available in my region for Pre-MIC9?
A: Yes, you can contact your regional MIC Coordinator
(link to MIC coordinator).
  • In case there is no Regional Coordinator in your region please contact the MIC Office: info(at)
Q: Are there constraints about the number of team members?
A: There are no constraints to the number of teammates you may have.
Q: Do all contestants have to be students?
A: No. The competition is open to all, students and professionals alike.
Q: Is there any restriction on age or education level to participate?
A: No. The competition is open to all.
Q: In what format should I submit my work?
A: Please submit your abstract in PDF format. If you are selected as a finalist, please follow the instruction.
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