The 1st Mission Idea Contest

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How to apply

  • Download the extended abstract templateabstract templateabstract template
  • Submit extended abstract not to exceed five pages (in English) no later than 20 December, 2010 describing:
    • The need that your mission idea addresses
    • Prioritized list of mission objectives
    • Concept of operations (description of key mission elements and their interfaces)
    • Three-five key performance parameters (e.g., resolution, data rate, coverage)
    • Space segment description (conceptual design, e.g., mass, volume, power, link budget, orbit)
    • Implementation plan (estimated cost and schedule, infrastructure requirements)
    • Detailed instructions for submissions to be found on website
  • Work with your regional coordinators for assistance
  • If selected as a finalist, prepare and submit a final paperfinal paper template and presentation for the 2nd Nanosatellite Symposium in Tokyo in March 14-16, 2011
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Step by step online submission process

  1. Click APPLY NOW (green box, upper right)
  2. Fill the application form by input your email, password, telephone number, …etc.
  3. Click next and finally click submit.
  4. You will receive an email shortly which will confirm that you application is processed and your account is created.
  5. Come back to this page:
  6. Click Existing User Login
  7. Enter your ID (your email same as inputted to the application form) then your password.
  8. Upload your Mission Idea Contest Idea (As many ideas as you can)
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