The 6th Mission Idea Contest

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Please propose an innovative experiment idea which:

  • either contributes to earth benefits or contributes to human space exploration
  • contributes to any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Other requirements:

  • Research or technology idea for the pressurized internal of the international space station for which microgravity or radiation aspects of this space environment are mandatorily required.
  • The experiment can be performed
    A) inside of ISS - ICE Cubes facility on ESA Columbus module or
    B) outside of ISS - iSEEP facility on JAXA Kibo module

    See below for more details.

    A) in the ICE Cubes facility installed in ESA’s Columbus module: Payload of dimension of between 1U (10*10*10cm) and 3U*4U (30*40*10cm). More information

    B) in the iSEEP facility in JAXA’s Kibo module: Payload of dimension of between 1U (10*10*10cm) and 3U (30*30*10cm). More information, Specification

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