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Frequently Asked Question

Registration for the Workshop

Q: Is participating in Pre-MIC3 a necessary condition for participating in MIC3?"
A: No. You can apply MIC3 without participating in Pre-MIC3. Pre-MIC3 workshop is organized to facilitate collaboration between users and developers beyond national boundaries. We expect some teams will apply for MIC3 if users and developers could develop the mission idea and satellite design successfully.

Q: We are interested in submitting an application for the PreMIC3. Is there a registration fee for submission of application of 10,000 Japanese Yen?
A: No. The registration fee would cover reception and lunch on Nov 23-24. Hence, you do not have to pay for submission of application for Pre-MIC3. After selection has been made, if you were selected as presenter, you would not have to pay. If you were not selected and would like to attend the meeting, you would need to pay.


Q: Are there any awards in PreMIC3?
A: The Best Proposal Award will be given to a team after presentations and the review team's evaluation.
Here is evaluation critieria:
Evaluation criteria
Mission uniqueness (presented by users)20
Impact to global society (presented by users)20
Technical feasibility (presented by developers)30
Technical risks (presented by developers)10
Collaborative efforts (evaluated by reviewers)20

Q: Are there any awards in PreMIC3?
A: Participants are not required to present detail satellite design, but technical feasibility should be presented as well as technical risks. Hence, the developers do not have to concentrate on a detailed technical solution, but rather concentrate on the technical challenges and how they plan to approach and solve them.

Application as a user or developer

Q: Should the developer present detail satellite design in the presentation?
A: Yes, but you should be aware of the possibility that your needs will be realized by other developers, not you.

Q: For the recommendation letters is there any standard template or they have free format?
A: There is no standard template for recommendation letters.

Q: Are the requirements different from the previous Mission Idea Contests?
A: Yes, some requirements have changed for the Pre-MIC3. The table below summarizes the difference. Go to the Requirement page for the detail.
November 2013
Satellite mass < 15 kg < 50 kg < 50 kg < 50 kg
Number of satellites 2 or more than 2 (constellations only) 1 or more than 1 (constellations of satellites not required) Same as MIC2 Same as MIC2
Category Mission idea for nano-satellite constellation
  1. Mission idea and satellite design
  2. Mission idea and business model

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