The pre-5th Mission Idea Contest

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February 22, 2017
We are pleased to announce that PreMIC5 workshop will be held in Rome, Italy during 5th UNISEC-Global Meeting scheduled in Dec 2-4, 2017. The winners of local competitions will get together in the workshop.



Introduction to the Mission Idea Contest

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The Mission Idea Contest (MIC) was established in 2010 to provide aerospace engineers, college students, consultants, and anybody interested in space with opportunities to present their creative ideas and gain attention internationally. The primary goal of MICs is to open a door to a new facet of space exploration and exploitation.

Development of micro/nano-satellites started as an educational and research program primarily at university laboratories. As the micro/nano-satellite technology matures, it has spread rapidly across the academics and industry for practical application.

We are pleased to announce to organize PreMIC5 workshop in 2017. In PreMIC5, local competitions are held in each region, and the winners will be given an opportunity to make presentation during 5th UNISEC-Global Meeting held in Rome in Dec 2-4, 2017.

Applicants need to be aware that the missions should satisfy any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in PreMIC5.

Local Competition

JapanJuly 22-23, 2017 Kyushu Institute of Technology
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