The 6th Mission Idea Contest

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We will restart MIC7 although the situation with the COVID19 pandemic is uncertain.
The date and venue for the final presentation will be announced later.

Introduction to the Mission Idea Contest

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The Mission Idea Contest (MIC) was established in 2010 to provide aerospace engineers, college students, consultants, and anybody interested in space with opportunities to present their creative ideas and gain attention internationally. The primary goal of MICs is to open a door to a new facet of space exploration and exploitation.

Development of micro/nano-satellites started as an educational and research program primarily at university laboratories. As the micro/nano-satellite technology matures, it has spread rapidly across the academics and industry for practical application.

The 7th Mission Idea Contest for Deep Space Science and Exploration with Nano/Micro Satellite will be held as follows:


Oct 23, 2020Restart announcement
(Virtual seminars are to be provided)
July 2021Deadline of Abstract submission
August 2021Notification of Finalists
September 2021Deadline of Final Paper submission
November 2021Final presentation (the location and date are to be determined.)


Please propose an innovative mission idea which contributes to deep space science and exploration.

Abstract template
Abstract template


  1. Deep Space Communications and Navigation Series, Jon Hamkins, Editor-in-Chief, JPL
  2. Deep Space Telecommunications Systems Engineering, Joseph H. Yuen, Editor, JPL
  3. Deep Space Communications, Jim Taylor, Editor, JPL
  4. Introduction to the 7th Mission Idea Contest (MIC7) - Deep Space Mission, NAKASUKA Shinichi, the University of Tokyo
  5. Mission Design for Deep Space Nano/Micro Spacecraft Utilizing Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway Opportunities, OZAKI Naoya, JAXA/ISAS
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