The 2nd Mission Idea Contest

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Teaching Science & Technology, Inc. Sponsorship

Recipients of TSTI sponsorship

  • Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology, Egypt (Finalist of MIC2)
  • GISTDA, Thailand (Semi-finalist of MIC2)
  • Cairo University (5 persons), Egypt
  • FPT University, Vietnam
  • Polytechnic of Namibia, Namibia
  • Teaching Science & Technology, Inc. (TSTI) and University Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC) are pleased to announce that TSTI will sponsor applicants for the 2nd Mission Idea Contest (MIC2).

    As part of TSTI’s sponsorship, they will offer scholarships to MIC2 applicants to enroll in their online Understanding Space course. This comprehensive course provides an integrated learning experience covering all aspects of spaceflight from design through operations. The course is perfect for anyone new to the space arena as it covers the knowledge and tools needed to develop a credible space mission design. Details about the course can be found at ( The normal price of the entire course is $499/person which includes an electronic copy of the Understanding Space book. TSTI will provide coupon codes that can be redeemed through their website store on a first come, first served bases.

    • Up to 5 100% discount scholarship coupons (i.e. free access to the course)
    • Up to 10 90% discount scholarship coupons (i.e. course enrollment fee of only $49 US)
    • Up to 20 75% discount scholarship coupons (i.e. course enrollment fee of only $125 US)
    • Up to 50 50% discount scholarship coupons (i.e. course enrollment fee of only $250 US)

    TSTI sponsorship applications for MIC2 participants will be accepted through May 11. All MIC participants are invited to request a scholarship, but please make sure that you fully intend to complete an application to MIC2. TSTI reserves the right to reject any applicants who fails to show sincere intention to apply to MIC2.

    Application procedure

    The procedure for application is as follows:
    1. Submit the scholarship application form to TSTI and the MIC office.
    2. TSTI processes the request and provides coupon codes winning applicants
    3. The names of the scholarship recipients will be published on the MIC website.

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