The 2nd Mission Idea Contest

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Recipients of AGI sponsorship

  • Sofia University (Semi-finalist of MIC2)
  • University of Monastir (Semi-finalist of MIC2)
  • FPT University
  • National Cheng Kung University
  • Polytechnic of Namibia
  • Cairo University

  • Princeton Satellite Systems SponsorshipAGI

    Princeton Satellite Systems and University Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC) are pleased to announce that Princeton Satellite Systems will sponsor university applicants for the 2nd Mission Idea Contest (MIC2).

    Princeton Satellite Systems offers the licensing of CubeSat Toolbox by participating universities in the 2nd Mission Idea Contest for Micro/Nano Satellites Utilization. The software must be used in an academic environment. It may not be used by commercial/government organizations or for commercial applications. Princeton Satellite Systems reserves the right to reject any applicants not meeting these criteria.

    Princeton Satellite Systems licenses will be in effect from the entry date after the competition begins Nov. 2011 to July 1, 2012 with the selection of Finalists. Finalists can use it through October 10, 2012 for their Final Presentation at the 4th Nano-Satellite Symposium in Nagoya, Japan.

    Application procedure

    The procedure for application is as follows:
    1. Submit the request form to Princeton Satellite System and the MIC office. Include university email addresses (free email addresses such as gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, etc. will not be accepted.).
    2. Princeton Satellite System processes the request and gives the license (or refuses).
    3. The names of the universities will be published on the MIC website.

    See the frequently asked questions for more information.

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