The 6th Mission Idea Contest

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Regional Coordinators

Prof. LOW Kay Soon

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dr. Low KS Low received his BEng and PhD degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the National University of Singapore and the University of New South Wales respectively. He has been a faculty member of Nanyang Technological University since 1994 as a lecturer initially and subsequently became an associate professor. During the period of 2000 to 2003, he pioneered the development of ultra wideband (UWB) radio technology with a commercial company. Several high data rate live compact disc audio and DVD quality video streaming systems have been developed. He has 16 granted patents as the first inventor on nonlinear circuits and UWB from the US, European and PCT patent offices. The patents have been successfully licensed to MNC.

Dr. Low has published more than 150 research papers in international refereed journals and international conferences. He has successfully completed 33 funded projects with many of them from the industry. Presently, he has 11 on-going funded projects in the field of wireless sensor network, solar energy system, satellite image processing and nano-satellite development. He is the co-leader of the X-SAT micro-satellite, which was successfully launched on 20 April 2011. More than a thousand high resolution images have been captured since then. He is the Director of Satellite Research Centre (SaRC). His team is now developing a 1kg pico-satellite (named VELOX-P) and a 5kg nano-satellite (named VELOX-I) to be launched by 2013. For VELOX-I, it has a camera system that includes an in-house design radiation hardened CMOS imaging sensor and an extensible telescopic mechanism. It also carries a quantum physics payload for in-orbit experiment.The centre has planned to build a series of nano-satellite missions (VELOX-I to VELOX-IV) in its 10 year road map.

Besides teaching and research, he has been involved in various IEEE technical committees such as the Industrial Applications and Power Electronics chapter serving in various capacities. He is in several conference orgainsing committees as the Technical Program Chair, Local Arrangements Chair, International Program Committee etc. Dr Low has been a senior member of IEEE since 2000.

Contact: ekslow(at)

Seminars for MIC 2

Report (310 KB)

Regional seminar in Singapre on February 1, 2012

Regional seminar schedule

Time: 1:30pm
Location: Executive seminar room, NTU
Contact: Low Kay Soon

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